Work from ECL accepted on Symposium on Circuits and Systems international conference

The work entitled “Design of Energy-efficient Gaussian Filters by Combining Refactoring and Approximate Adders,” developed by Marcio Monteiro, Pedro Aquino, Ismael Seidel, Mateus Grellert, Leonardo Soares, José Luis Güntzel, and Cristina Meinhardt, has been accepted for publication at the International Symposium on Circuits and Systems.

This work deals with the combination of logical refactoring and the use of approximate computing in an architecture for Gaussian filter to optimize area and energy.

The International Symposium on Circuits and Systems is one of the leading conferences in the field of circuits and systems.



Keynote Talk:

Speaker: Prof. David Patterson, University of California at Berkeley and Google, USA

August 25, 2021, 13:00

Title: Ten Lessons From Three Generations Shaped Google’s TPUv4i

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