Best Posters chosen by the EDAS judging committee and popular choice

First Place


Algorithm Selection for Legalization Using CNNs

Renan Netto, José Luis Güntzel and Laleh Behjat

Second Place


A two-level approximated logic synthesis method

Gabriel Ammes, Walter Lau, Paulo Butzen, Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon and Renato Ribas

Third Place


Exploring Tree-Based Inference Engines for Low-Power Learning Applications

Brunno Abreu, Mateus Grellert and Sergio Bampi

Fourth Place


FastRoute: Adapting Academic Code for Use in the Design of Production ICs

Eder Monteiro and Ricardo Reis

Fifth Place – Popular choice


Automatic Layout Synthesis of Transistors Networks for FDSOI

Elias de Almeida Ramos, Vitor Hugo F. Maciel, Germano Girondi and Ricardo Augusto da Luz Reis

All the Other Posters Accepted on EDAS 2021


A Decision Tree Flow to Boolean Logic Optimization

Isac Campos, Augusto Berndt, Mateus Grellert and Cristina Meinhardt


Cartesian Genetic Programming for Logic Optimization

Augusto Berndt, Brunno Abreu, Isac Campos, Jonata Carvalho, Mateus Grellert and Cristina Meinhardt


Contributions to OpenROAD from Abroad: Experiences and Learnings

Mateus Fogaça, Eder Monteiro, Marcelo Danigno, Isadora Oliveira, Paulo Butzen and Ricardo Reis


Incremental Multirow Legalization Method

Jorge Ferreira, Paulo Butzen and Ricardo Reis


Routability-Driven Detailed Placement Using Reinforcement Learning

Sheiny Almeida, José Luís Güntzel, Laleh Behjat and Cristina Meinhardt


Routing with Cell Replacement

Tiago Fontana, Laleh Behjat and José Luís Güntzel